Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where Did April Go?

Does anyone know where the past month went? I slid into April with fear dogging my footsteps. My middle daughter's recent illness and hospitalization shook me more than I would like to admit. Especially since she was left with episodic spiking temperatures and a painful pleural rub. But she has finally turned the corner. Her energy level is back up to normal and she is managing her hectic schedule well.

I finally managed to pack up all the Christmas village houses, the tiny people and drag the many boxes up to the attic. Yes, I was really behind with this task. The task was completed during spring break. Holy week--the week before Easter. A holiday that was very this year. I planned to get writing done that week and I did, some. Precious little as it were.

We are now into May. Officially it is Mother's day weekend, which is always the second Sunday of the month. It is as early as Easter was late this year. We still had a frost threat this past week. This is discouraging me from going out to get bedding plants--a tradition of this weekend.

I am out of sorts, waiting for our weather to reflect the season and waiting for my 'grumbles' to go away. Perhaps I should find something proactive to do. In the meantime if you know where April went to, would you please let me know?