Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Starting all over again

I managed to complete a manuscript, first draft, a second run through, spotting some things that needed to be brought forward, fleshing out some other spots. Send the manuscript to my CP and wait. Wow, she was speedy with the return and then there is the next run through. Having a CP that works fast, sees the things I missed and makes salient points is a blessing.

But now comes the hard part. The waiting. Does anyone like this part?

Since I had an extra day off today (thank you broken water main) I used the time to clean up the MS, complete the synopsis and query letter and out the door. Off on the wings of the ethernet. Feeling extra energetic. I cleaned up another MS that was just waiting for reformatting and I managed to get that one out the door, too, today to another publisher.

Does that make the waiting easier? Harder? Or no different?

Two out the door means I need to start on a new project--at least I have several files with some research completed. New promises, new beginnings...

It is time to start all over again.

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