Monday, October 31, 2011


Years ago someone got me started with journaling. I kept my faithful journal in a 3-inch-3-ring binder. I still have several full binders. I was given the binder suggestion for the simple reason it was easier to add cards we received. We could add dreams, newspaper or magazine articles, anything that spoke to us could be added into this type of journal.

Since I had been keeping dream journals already for several years--I liked the idea of an expanded journal. This journaling suggestion came a few hears after I had my child with Down syndrome. I soon started writing articles about living with SC for our local Down syndrome newsletter. All of this was really an extension of my journaling.

Why am I thinking of this now? For some reason I have been reluctant to blog. But what is blogging? In some ways it is another form of journaling. Journaling might be a more private or more personal activity, however blogging for some seems pretty personal. It is a way of recording thoughts and feelings. So how about you do you express your innermost thoughts?

I'm sure I will reserve my most personal thoughts and feelings for my journal and yet, maybe, I can reframe blogging into an activity I do not resist so much.


  1. Nancy, more blogging please. Your comments on the NV site have been so thoughtful and you put your views across so eloquantly that you simply must blog more! Pretty please?
    Michelle xxx

  2. Michelle, you are so sweet. Thanks, but I never know what to say?

    I stare at the blank box and wonder what I'm going to write about this time. However, it is getting easier. It is similar to the writing I did when I was a newsletter editor for a local Down syndrome group.

    I would write about parenting my child. Or I would try to find a way to connect with parents who felt disenfranchised by the inclusion only parents. But that's a topic for another blog. ;-)